Latvian environmental authority demands return of 4,200 tons of illegal waste to Lithuania

  • 2021-11-25
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The State Environmental Service has found 4,200 tons of waste illegally imported in eastern Latvia from Lithuania and has demanded that Lithuania arrange its return to the country of origin, LETA was told at the service. 

During inspections in the eastern Latvian regions of Preili and Augstaugava in September and October, inspectors from the Latgale regional department of the Environmental Service found a large amount of waste from furniture production that had been brought into eastern Latvia from Lithuania. The Environmental Service sent a request to the respective Lithuanian authority asking to return the waste to Lithuania. 

The 4,200 tons of illegal waste consist of leftover chipboard, plywood  and timber scrap. The waste was brought to Latvia in violation of international regulations. The illegal waste from Lithuania was stored on four various properties - two in Viski parish and two in Rusona parish.

According to information obtained by the Environmental Service, the waste probably originated at Skroblu Aleja, a Lithuanian company registered in Kaunas. Meanwhile, Estonian-registered PUDZI company and Lithuanian-registered Nikleda are thought to have organized the transportation of the waste to Latvia. According to initial information, the two companies are run by the same individual from Latvia whose family has links to the property where the waste is being stored. 

The Environmental Service has started eight administrative offense procedures over violations of waste management regulations, violations of cross-border waste transportation and for unlicensed waste handling activity.