Latvian Defense Ministry requests EUR 8.9 million pre-financing for needs of NATO battalion

  • 2017-04-17
  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA  - The Latvian Defense Ministry has requested EUR 8.9 million pre-financing for the needs of the Canada-led NATO multi-national battalion expected to arrive here in summer.

The government will hear the ministry's request for the pre-financing next week, according to the agenda of the Cabinet of Ministers meeting planned on April 18.

The Defense Ministry explained that the support needs and the support functions related to the stay of the NATO battle group in Latvia but not falling into category of the host nation support functions are governed by the Latvia-Canada agreement signed in March 2017.

Under the agreement, Latvia will satisfy the above support needs and Canada will pay for the services received within 60 days after the invoice date. The required pre-financing for the support needs of the NATO battle group has been estimated as EUR 8,940,900 that will be repaid during 2017 and 2108. This is the amount needed prior to the arrival of the allied troops but afterwards about EUR 2 million will be required monthly for the purpose and will be repaid by the allies when invoiced.

These needs include meals, drinking water, portable toilets and sinks, fuel and other supplies.

The Canada-led battle group of more than 1,000 soldiers will arrive in Latvia in June this year to help strengthen Latvia's security.