Latvian citizens in Israel are not panicking, but there is some anxiety - ambassador

  • 2023-10-13
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Foreign citizens in Israel, unlike locals, feel a bit more anxiety about the ongoing terrorist attacks and hostilities, but there is no mass panic, Aivars Groza, Latvian Ambassador to Israel, told Latvian Television this morning.

He said that so far about 140 Latvian nationals have turned to the Embassy for advice and consultations, but it is evident that people themselves are looking for and finding ways to leave the country if they do not feel safe there. In this context, Groza welcomed the opportunity to organize a special flight to bring Latvian nationals back home.

Groza said that in Israel, shops are starting to run out of products because supply chains are disrupted. Alarm sirens are often heard and people have to go immediately to bomb shelters. "Israelis are used to this, it may seem unusual to foreigners, but this is everyday life in Israel at the moment," the diplomat said.

He also acknowledged that the shelling from Gaza is less intense, but is still happening.

Meanwhile, the Embassy's small team continues to work, responding to emails and phone calls from nationals, Groza said.

As reported, the Ambassador previously informed that there are around 5,000 Latvian nationals permanently residing in Israel, most of whom have dual citizenship. These people know what to do in situations when there are alarm sirens. Several other Latvian nationals have come to Israel as tourists or for work.