Key events in our history were not happy coincidences, our actions were thought out - Murniece

  • 2019-05-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Saeima Speaker Inara Murniece, at the Saeima ceremonial sitting in honor of the 29th anniversary of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia today, said that "sometimes we view these key events in the history of our nation and state as an incredibly good luck or as happy coincidences. However, with the benefit of hindsight, it becomes clear that our actions were thought out and we moved in the desired direction in a pragmatic way.''

"The 4th of May is the celebration of the revival of our nation. It represents our will to have our own state. All our key decisions have been based on clear and firm foundations. These foundations gave us strength 29 years ago, and they still inspire us. The State of Latvia is built on a rock. And the rock is our people. The state draws its strength from the key values of our nation. Our sense of nationhood, the spiritual heritage of our ancestors and the firm will to have our own state are the sources of our strength," said the Speaker.

Murniece noted that the founding of our state 100 years ago and the restoration of independence was the result of relentless joint efforts by numerous patriots and expressed gratitude to everyone who holds the State of Latvia dear.

Joining the European Union 15 years ago and becoming a member of the NATO was also a long-term task involving thousands of our dedicated fellow compatriots. "By restoring independence, we made our geopolitical choice," said Speaker Murniece.

"We did not lose our European identity over the 50 years of occupation, and we are not going to lose it now, either," emphasized the Speaker inviting everyone to vote in the European Parliament elections for candidates who can preserve and strengthen Europe and for leaders who hold Europe in high regard. "This is our civilization, and this is our opportunity to strengthen our national sovereignty, while reinforcing our European sense of togetherness," noted Murniece.

Addressing the Members of the Saeima, Murniece emphasized that the ultimate political goal is reducing inequality. We should step up our efforts to increase well-being of the people, provide them with equal opportunities and ensure fair treatment. "Equality of opportunities is one of the key principles of a democratic and socially responsible state governed by the rule of law," said the Speaker. "Inequality hinders faster development of our country. It means that fewer of our fellow Latvians are returning home from economic emigration. It weakens the sense of belonging to one's country, and it prevents people from feeling happy."

Over the next four years, the Saeima and the Government must address a number of important issues. Besides eliminating inequality, the key tasks include strengthening national security, combating corruption, supporting families with children and fixing the financial system, she said.

Therefore, the main task of our policy is helping people in Latvia to be happy living here, to feel safe in their own country, making them proud of their country so that, together with their children, they aspire to be a part of Latvia's future, said Speaker Murniece, while noting at the end of her address that it is our determination and diligence that will ensure Latvia's future. "Our state is built on a rock, and we are the rock."