It must be understood that Russian propaganda will use those laying flowers at Victory Park to make up stories of support for the Kremlin - Police Chief

  • 2022-04-28
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Those who are considering laying flowers in Victory Park on May 9 must understand that Russian propaganda will use them to tell stories of support for the Kremlin, State Police (VP) Chief Armands Ruks told TV3 this morning.

He said that the VP was actively working with other law enforcement agencies in preparation for May 9, taking into account the increased risk of provocation. The VP calls on residents to report any glorification and justification of war, as well as illegal symbols, adding that everyone must understand that the whole of society, regardless of nationality, is responsible for national security.

Ruks explained that there are grounds to count on provocations this year, but their planners must be aware that the VP will act decisively and will change its approach compared to previous years. It must also be understood that the people who come to the so-called Victory Monument will be "dragged into the propaganda machine".

"Propaganda will film the people who will arrive and show them on TV as supporters of Russia," the police chief warned.

There VP has observed many instances when people, despite warnings, are still inviting others to go to the Victory Park on May 9. Ruks emphasized that if someone feels a day of victory on May 9, then it must be remembered that Latvia was occupied after that.

Ruks also emphasized that the VP does not and will not have any tolerance for justifying the war, warning that those who participate in such activities would be held accountable.

He admitted that overall the current situation is a considerable challenge for police officers/

"At the moment, I can safely say that the situation is under control. Of course, we cannot detect each crime in the first second, we cannot put a police officer next to each letter "Z". But we will do what needs to be done and hold violators accountable. There is no and will be no tolerance for justifying war," the head of the VP pointed out.

As reported, the Riga municipality has not permitted any events at the so-called Victory Monument in Pardaugava on May 9, LETA found out from the Riga City Council.