It is you who matter the most in having The Baltic Times roll for so long!

  • 2021-04-04
  • linas Jegelevicius, The Baltic Times editor-in-chief

The prolonged, swinging and unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic has entered into its second year, continuing the devastation, wreaking havoc through multiple industries. And yet hope glimmered brighter than ever in the past year – with the vaccines being available for larger swaths of the population, we may be able to rein the contagious malady in the foreseeable future.

With so many strains of it now – even with one characteristic only to felines!

Media is one the industries hit the hardest by the coronavirus, which, coupled with the tectonic changes in the media transition from the rumble-and-flick-through-the-pages newspaper that you grandfather enjoyed to read over his coffee every morning to the digital content on the sleek PC or mobile device screen, makes things much more tense.

Yet having endured nearly three decades, The Baltic Times, the Baltics’ single printed newspaper lasting so long and beyond a rivalry from any other Baltic English-language publication, was compelled to make  adjustments and move from a monthly to a quarterly publication from now on.

Frankly, considering the rough media landscape in which The Baltic Times finds itself in, it may be the smartest solution.

And, yes, having skipped one year, we’re ready this summer to re-launch The Baltic Times Magazine, the premium product of The Baltic Times.

If you’re in the Baltics this summer, look for it in the local stands. If you believe you’ll refrain from a trip anywhere this year due to the COVID-19 scare, we’ll be happy to send you the pdf copy of the glossy publication. 

With the quarterly newspaper, we’re refocusing from newsy to analytical stuff.

Just look through the latest edition and you’ll see that the work done (the actions) speaks louder than the words!

Beyond any words I remain humbly grateful to some of the best people an editor wishes to work with and who are around me: our always cheerful Irish contributor Doireann McDermott, who has been residing in Riga for nearly a decade now, our tenacious and always deadline-oriented proof-reader Ilze Kreišmane and the incredibly capable layout designer, Vilma Dainienė.

The long journey of The Baltic Times would have certainly been improbable without Gene Zolotarev, the long-lasting publisher of The Baltic Times!

But it is you, the readers of The Baltic Times, who have mattered and still matter the most in having the newspaper roll for so long!

Stay well and talk to you again soon!