In July, the Rothko Museum will host a residency for eight local and international artists

  • 2024-06-27

From 12 to 19 July, the Rothko Museum will receive eight artists from Czechia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in a group residency funded by the EU as part of an international project “European Culture: All Different – All Equal”. 

Across an entire week in mid-July, the Rothko Museum will host an international residency for eight artists who will come together to create and communicate about the fundamental European value of equality. United by this common theme, the artists will contribute their diverse perspectives and impressions of our reality, where art is both a means of creative expression in and of itself and a powerful tool for shaping public opinion.

During the residency, the artists will get an immersive experience of the city of Daugavpils, meet local artists and artisans and create locally-inspired artworks for a group exhibition.

The exhibition will be opened at 4 p.m. on 18 July at the Rothko Museum’s conference hall. Later in August, the artworks will be reproduced and displayed in a free-access mode out of doors in the Daugavpils Fortress.

The public will have an exclusive chance to meet the artists and learn about their work at 5 p.m. on 16 July, a few days before the official exhibition opening, when the Rothko Museum will host public presentations by all the artists in residence. Daugavpils will be represented by Mairita Folkmane and Oskars Jansons.

Admission to the events is free of charge.

The residency is funded by the EU through its CERV programme as part of an international project “European Culture: All Different – All Equal”. The project’s lead partner is the Ignalina District Municipality.