Identifying sectors most affected by Covid-19 is the most accurate way to help businessmen - Aseradens

  • 2020-03-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Identifying sectors most affected by the new coronavirus Covid-19 is the most accurate way to help businessmen, New Unity's head Arvils Aseradens told LETA.

The government is currently working in new conditions, everything is changing fast and it is very difficult to predict what the situation will be like in a month, said Aseradens.

One way how the state can support entrepreneurs and the economy is to identify sectors hit the hardest by the crisis, which are experiencing the sharpest reductions in turnover. Another alternative would be to identify companies whose turnover has decreased the most.

"The matter will be discussed by the coalition and the government. The European Commission's recommendations more or less deal with sectors affected by Covid-19 the most. At the moment, this is the most accurate way to help companies," said Aseradens.

The other opinion, however, is that industries should not be divided according to how bad they have hit by Covid-19, so politicians will still decide on the best solution.

"The government has one billion euros at its disposal. We have to try to understand how long the money will be used, and in what ways. The question is whether we distribute the funds over a period of one or several months, and which companies will be supported," said Aseradens.