Huge market changes are coming: A new ride platform

  • 2022-07-27

Starting from today, July 27, a new ride platform "Forus" will be available in Riga, which will offer not only transportation services for your daily rides, but also introduces an innovative program for both drivers and customers, which will allow them to become part of the company. The main goal of "Forus" is to become a unique international service provider, a superapp, that can offer its customers various services – not only ride hailing, but also other services for daily needs under one company brand: courier, food and other everyday needs services. 

"Forus" is a family business established in Estonia and its founder, owner is one of the most successful Estonian businessmen Urmas Sõõrumaa, who also owns Estonia's oldest private traditional transportation service company "Forus Takso", as well as a group of companies that includes both real estate development and management services, as well as security, energy efficiency and cleaning services.

"Just in three months, we have already successfully introduced the "Forus" transportation platform in Estonia and we see great potential in all Baltic countries. Before two weeks, the "Forus" transportation platform was introduced in Lithuania and today in Latvia, Riga! Our goal is to offer "Forus" as an alternative experience to the already existing transportation platforms and not only, we will also offer to become part of the company, offering a unique business model "US Token" program for both drivers and customers", says the founder and owner of "Forus", Urmas Sõõrumaa.

Urma Sõõrumaa's 19-year-old daughter, Katrin Sõõrumaa, is also active in the company daily operations, representing the values of the new generation: "Today, most services have been moved to apps, and customer demand for service availability in apps only continues to grow. Living in two cities myself, Tallinn and London, I can really see how the rapid and constant development of cities makes car ownership more expensive and time consuming. As a representative of the new generation, I work at "Forus" to make sure that our transportation platform is able to meet the wishes and needs of today's new generation, as well as to move towards more environmentally friendly, faster and simpler service provision in the long term".

New business model

Innovating and breaking old business thinking patterns is what represents a modern transportation platform! The strategy of the "Forus" ride platform is not only to provide comfortable rides, good price offer and quality customer service to its customers and drivers, but also to introduce a completely new innovative program "US Token", which will be beneficial for everyone in the long run!

The innovative "US Token" program provides an opportunity for all users of the platform - drivers, customers and other stakeholders, to become co-owners of the company, as simply as using "Forus" services. All "Forus" customers, managers and other employees collect US tokens for their trips, which will gain significant value in the future, and after five years these tokens can be exchanged for shares of the company. For example, if you spend or earn a total of 100 euros using the services of the "Forus" platform, you will earn 1 US Token in your account.

"Currently, it is planned that the total number of distributed in the future 30 million US Tokens will cover 3% of the company turnover. It is planned that after approximately five years, our tokens can be exchanged for company shares. This means that if the company performs well, a driver with an average activity will receive a bonus worth, for example, a new car within five years", comments Urmas Sõõrumaa.

More about "Forus":

About "Forus":

"Forus" is a transportation platform created in Estonia, which started its operation in April 2022 and its founder is one of the most successful Estonian businessmen in Urmas Sõõrumaa, who also owns one of the oldest traditional taxi service companies "Forus Takso".

Currently, the "Forus" transportation platform offers transport services in almost all major cities of Estonia with more than 2,000 drivers. On the other hand, in Lithuania and Latvia, “Forus” will start offering their services from July 2022. The long-term goal of "Forus" is to become a unique international service provider – a superapp, offering not only transportation services, but also other types of services of daily needed services.