Health tech startup Nutrameg has teamed up with the Children's Hospital to create a healthy snack cookbook

  • 2022-08-04

Putting its experience and knowledge into practice, Nutrameg – leading health tech startup in Latvia, has launched a special collaboration with the Children's Clinical University Hospital (Children's Hospital). Together with the Children's Hospital's dietary specialists, it has produced a book of healthy snack recipes for kids and families. The company has also donated EUR 10 000 to upgrade technical equipment in the Children's Hospital kitchen so that little patients can make delicious and healthy snacks on their own or with their parents using the recipes collected in the new book.

"Nutrameg's mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by developing personalized digital tools to encourage a healthy diet and sporting lifestyle. In my opinion, it is essential from the earliest childhood to show kids how to make healthy choices, which is why Nutrameg came up with the idea of producing a book of healthy snack recipes. We have used the basic insights derived by the company's specialists using a special algorithm to analyze the nutritional and sporting habits of hundreds of millions of people to produce this new cookbook", explains Nutrameg founder Kristofs Blaus.

The book's co-authors are Children's Hospital dietary specialist Lizete Puga, Nutrameg certified dietary specialist Elina Balode, and Nutrameg dietary specialist and athlete Anna Paula Auzina. The first ones to try out the recipes included in the book were the Children's Hospital's little patients, who took part in a special masterclass conducted by the book's authors. During the event, kids could experiment by making snacks and discovering new flavours. Thanks to the Children's Hospital donation and the new cookbook, Nutrameg wants to inspire kids to make various delicious but healthy snacks on their own or with their parents.

Correct and balanced nutrition is vital to keeping kids healthy and ensuring that they develop in the right way. This is particularly important for children with various health problems. “In hospital little patients face a lot of challenges. Therefore in order for them to recover, it is not just medicines and treatment, but also positive emotions and happiness that are very important. Nutrameg’s support will help to ensure that the meals cooked in the Children’s Hospital kitchen are not only even more delicious, but also full of valuable nutrients. We are extremely grateful for this collaboration and hope that the recipes jointly created by the dietary specialists at the Children’s Hospital and Nutrameg will also bring a lot of joy to the rest of Latvia’s kids,” explains the Head of the Children’s Hospital Foundation Liene Dambiņa.

"Nutrameg aims to foster a healthy future society, but we all know that both kids and grown-ups often like to indulge in eating snacks. In preparing the book, our goal was to show that snacks can also be healthy and diverse. Healthy food choices are essential for children's initial stages of developing healthy lifestyle habits. Therefore, to improve children's eating habits, we spent several months working together with the hospital's doctors, sharing our knowledge and experience," explains Nutrameg expert, certified dietary specialist Elīna Balode, adding that other significant projects will be realized together with the specialists from the Children's Hospital in the near future.

You can buy the cookbook “Guilt Free Snacks for Kids” created by Nutrameg dietary specialists in close collaboration with Children's Hospital specialists here . The book is available in English and Latvian.

About Nutrameg

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