Harmony and For Riga! bloc to insist on replacement of Burovs as Riga mayor

  • 2020-01-08
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Politicians from Harmony and the For Riga! bloc at the Riga City Council will insist that Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor to Serve Riga) be replaced, LETA has found out.

The bloc and Harmony's group at the Riga City Council have agree to call on their partners - Honor to Serve Riga, to decide on replacing the mayor, as they claim they are incapable of working together with Burovs.

They say that Burovs is making ''decisions unilaterally without consulting coalition partners''.

However, Harmony and the For Riga! bloc are prepared to continue working together with Honor to Serve Riga and remain in the coalition.

The politicians also claimed that it is not important from which bloc the new mayor will come from.

The head of Harmony's group at the Riga City Council Anna Vladova said that an emergency Riga City Council meeting has been requested to decide on recalling Burovs as mayor.

Meanwhile, Honor to Serve Riga will call a party group meeting to discuss the proposal made by Harmony and For Riga! to dismiss Mayor Burovs, the head of the party's group at the Riga City Council Vjaceslavs Stepanenko told LETA.

Commenting on further work with their coalition partners, Stepanenko said Honor to Serve Riga is working "not in the interests of the other coalition partners, but to deliver on promises to voters". "We will continue our work," the politician said.

Stepanenko said the Harmony and the For Riga! had acted in accordance with the law, and now Burovs must to decide when the extraordinary council meeting will be called.

Meanwhile, just yesterday Burovs claimed to LETA that there are no disagreements between coalition partners at the City Council.

At the moment, the coalition at the Riga City Council is made up of Harmony, Honor to Serve Riga, the For Riga! bloc and independent city council member Baiba Broka.