Government action plan might be adjusted due to shortage of funds – Karins

  • 2019-04-16
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA – The government action plan might be adjusted due to shortage of funds, if necessary, said Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (new Unity) at the meeting of the National Tripartite Cooperation Council today.

He said that in total EUR 1 billion is needed to implement the government action plan in four years, but there are no such funds available right now. Thus, the government action plan will be adjusted in time. The prime minister said that the government has yet to decide the order in which the tasks included in the action plan will be performed.

Karins informed that the government action plan lists seven priorities. First, arrangements of the financial system in line with recommendations of international organization in the area of fighting money laundering. ‘We will not just introduce recommendations, but we will go further and develop one of the vest financial systems in Europe,” said the prime minister.

Second, the government action plan aims to strengthen justice and rule of law. “In interview with international media I underscored that I would like to attract more private investments to Latvia that would promote employment, export and more money into the social budget, but orderly environment is important for investors,” said Karins.

Third, education system reform by improvement of school network and availability of education is a priority. The fourth priority is reforms in the healthcare sector,

Fifth, the government has resolved to fully liquidate the mandatory purchase component (MPC) system. Sixth, territorial reform will be implemented in order to ensure more efficient access to services. Seventh, demography will be promoted, and by not only improving the birth rate, but promoting remigration, reducing emigration and considering smart immigration to attract the necessary laborforce.