Go Big on Tech and Humor: Connecting to Irish Businesses and Customers from the Baltic

  • 2023-03-03

Being a part of the EU, Ireland opens up a great many business opportunities for countries across Europe, including the nations of the Baltic. With a population of around 5 million people, it’s not the largest customer market nor one with a huge range of businesses to connect with, but major companies continue to set up shop in Ireland.

One big reason for this is the high skill level of the Irish in many sectors, as well as the very low tax rate. Like Lithuania and its 15 percent corporate tax rate, Ireland’s is sitting pretty at a mere 12.5 percent. It’s an enticing place to do business, helped by the Nordic-Baltic Irish Business Network, but you should know a couple of things first.

The Irish are very embracing of tech solutions

As has been continually proven by one of the most popular brands in the country, applying the latest tech is always a winner in Ireland. You can see this first hand in its online roulette platform. Here, there are the classic digital roulette games, but headlining the platform are the live-streamed games like Live XXXtreme Lightning Roulette as well as the innovative Lightning Roulette First Person.

Perhaps it’s this love of tech that drew in 16 of the top 20 tech companies in the world to have offices in Ireland, or maybe the presence of Microsoft and Apple promotes a nationwide embrace of new technologies. Either way, building the latest tech solutions into your products or as your core product can prove to be a winner in Ireland.

As has been detailed in the industry statistics, for Irish customers, mobile is now integral to the journey of finding and purchasing. Mobile sites compete heavily in the country, so you’ll want your business site to not only be mobile-compatible but also easy to use, responsive, and enjoyable to use on the small screen. Be sure to tap into this persuasion if you’re looking to connect to Irish customers or businesses from the other side of the EU.

Getting to grips with the craic

Whether you’re setting up your business in a physical location or looking to do business with Irish firms, you’re going to want to familiarise yourself with the craic. What this is, essentially, is enjoying good conversation, jokes, discussing news, and even some gossip as a part of business discussions and relations. This is how you create a business relationship, possibly in a pub, so you’ll need to be ready to listen to stories as well as offer your own.

Another element of business etiquette in Ireland that can catch some people off-guard is the humor. The Irish are modest, sometimes self-deprecating, and all have a very good sense of humor. Importantly, most are also quick to get newcomers into the jokes by making fun of or teasing you. This isn’t to cause offense or even get an edge in negotiations. Rather, it’s part of the process of building rapport, so take it in stride and laugh along with the digs.

If your business is looking to break into Ireland or do business with the Irish, be sure to put your best tech foot forward, demonstrate your embrace of modern technologies, and embrace the craic.