EU could find itself on the brink of disintegration if agreement was not reached - Ameriks

  • 2020-07-21
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The European Union could find itself on the brink of disintegration if the European Council failed to reach an agreement on the recovery aid, European Parliament member Andris Ameriks (Honor to Serve Riga) believes. 

The politician praised the result of the negotiatons and said it could be considered a great achievement, considering the disagreements that have been dominating in relations among EU member states in recent months. Ameriks said that if the talks did not result in a compromise solution, a step would be taken towards the bloc's disintegration.

Ameriks noted that a few months ago as the Covid-19 pandemic was raging in Europe, Italy warned that if there was no solidarity in the EU, it did not see a point in staying in the bloc. The Latvian MEP also indicated that EU member states and their leaders had very differing opinions as what measures should be taken in the given situation. 

The differences concerned a clash of positions between Scandinavian countries and Austria, Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as debates about the rule of law in countries like Poland and Hungary, which created serious tensions, Ameriks said. 

The MEP believes that Latvia will benefit from the agreement reached by the European Council as it will receive EUR 3.6 per each euro contributed to the EU budget. It is now necessary to think how to use this funding as effectively as possible, Ameriks said.