Estonian ministry on lookout for tool to keep businesses informed about their obligations

  • 2021-07-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has issued a call for tenders to develop solutions for providing businesses with an overview of their fixed-term obligations via the portal.

The work to be completed must include, among other things, a sample application on how the notification of businesses would work.

The purpose of the procurement is to develop a solution that allows business operators to obtain an overview of the fixed-term obligations imposed on their business by public authorities in a single environment -- for business -- including, in particular, reporting obligations and important information related to the obligations, such as the deadline, the activities necessary to fulfil the obligation and the state of compliance, and to proceed to fulfilling the obligations through the same environment, spokespeople for the ministry said. 

Andres Sutt, minister of entrepreneurship and information technology, described this as another step to make the functioning of public services smooth and a background process for business operators.

"The business operator's digital gateway project enables us to implement the development vision of digital society of Estonia as a country where the complexity of the functioning of the public sector is hidden for citizens and business operators, and instead of bureaucracy, they can focus on value-creating activities such as promoting their business or quality time with family," Sutt said in a press release.

Tiina Kruusimagi, head of the domain of business operator's digital gateway at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, said it is sometimes difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises that are engaged in activities subject to a bigger set of requirements to have a clear picture of their obligations towards the public sector.

"Information is fragmented between different environments and it takes effort to bring it together and constantly monitor it. If this effort is not made, there is a risk that the obligation will not be fulfilled on time," Kruusimagi said.

As a result of the work to be performed, a description of the current situation concerning the time-limited obligations imposed by the public sector on businesses and the technological solutions used, future solutions for informing companies about the obligations and, in addition, a sample application demonstrating the solution for informing companies about time-limited obligations via the environment, based on a sample of selected institutions, must be provided.

The deadline of submissions is 11 a.m. on July 28.