Estonian Interior Ministry announces EUR 4.6 mln tender for travel arrangement service

  • 2020-07-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Ministry of the Interior has announced a public procurement for ordering a travel arrangement service, the estimated cost of the procurement is 4.6 million euros.

The purpose of the public procurement is to order a travel arrangement service for the Ministry of the Interior and the agencies within its area of governance, it appears from the tender documents.

More specifically, the service is ordered by the Ministry of the Interior, the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board, the Interior Ministry's Center for Information Technology and Development (SMIT), the Academy of Security Sciences, the alarm center and other agencies within the area of governance of the ministry wishing to purchase a travel arrangement service under a framework agreement in accordance with the terms of the public procurement that may express a wish to do so after the commencement of the public procurement.

Travel arrangements include, for example, mediating accommodation and transport tickets, setting up visas and travel insurance, and round-the-clock processing of bookings.

The tenderer must ensure that the customer is provided with a travel offer for the route, time and price of a specific trip, as a rule, within three hours, unless another deadline is specified in the order.

As a result of the procurement, a framework contract will be concluded for two years.

Bids can be made until the morning of Aug. 10.