Estonian Health Board enters into EUR 100 mln contract for coronavirus testing

  • 2020-11-15
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Health Board signed a contract for the testing of people for coronavirus until the end of next year -- the cost of the procurement organized by the State Shared Services Center (RTK) could reach 100 million euros, and Medicum and Synlab, which had previously been providing testing services, won the contract.

Director general of the Health Board, Ullar Lanno, said that it was necessary to carry out a new procurement as the volume of the current contract was about to be filled.

"Coronavirus has come to stay. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient testing capacity to find the virus, because without a proper overview of the situation, it is not possible to control the spread of the disease," Lanno said.

From next week, the partners will start providing the service on the basis of a new contract. Two bids were submitted for the procurement, and as a result, a contract lasting until the end of next year was concluded with OU Medicum Eriarstiabi and Synlab Eesti, which made a joint bid.

Riina Loorpuu, head of the procurement department of RTK, said that the terms of the contract reaching up to 100 million euros were very wide-ranging.

"The selected provider must be able to perform coronavirus testing across Estonia, establish and service sampling sites, provide a mobile sampling brigade service for sampling at the patient's home and, if necessary, form a special brigade for testing in nursing homes and other institutions. The contract also includes the transport and analysis of samples and the communication of results to patients," Loorpuu said.

The test result must be issued within 48 hours. Upon completion of a positive result, the person is called from the testing call center, people who gave samples on the basis of referral will see their results with an Estonian identity code in the web environment.

All results are also forwarded from the laboratory to the family doctor who made the referral, to the Health Board and to the health information system.

A corresponding short text message will be sent to those crossing the border -- both Estonian citizens and foreigners -- also in the case of a negative result.