Estonia: Purchasing properties necessary for building eastern border to cost EUR 950,000

  • 2018-07-12
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The state of Estonia has by now bought from private owners half of the properties necessary for establishing the border strip of the eastern border between Estonia and Russia, while the purchasing of all properties is to cost an estimated 950,000 euros.

Spokespeople for the Ministry of the Interior told BNS that the construction and expansion of the border strip of the eastern border concerns altogether 234 privately owned properties and 184 hectares of land. The state as at the beginning of July had held negotiations with owners of altogether 134 properties. As of right now, the state has purchased 117 properties. Ministry spokespeople said that an agreement has already been signed with some owners, but the property has not yet changed hands.

Negotiations are ongoing with owners of altogether 100 properties. Spokespeople said that there are no ongoing court disputes regarding the transfer of the properties.

Ministry spokespeople said that altogether 700,000 euros was planned for the transfer of the properties three years ago, but according to current assessments, the price will likely be 950,00 euros.

As of July, altogether 482,000 euros had been spent on purchasing the properties necessary for the construction of the border, while 120,000 euros of that sum has been spent on valuation of land, surveying and notarial fees.