Estonia: Annual investment volume of East Tallinn Central Hospital to total EUR 8.6 mln

  • 2018-03-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The estimated cost of the investments of the East Tallinn Central Hospital in 2018 is approximately 8.6 million euros.

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Tonis Molder said that the central hospitals of Tallinn every year significantly contribute to the development of the quality of the Estonian healthcare system. "The hospital this year will allocate approximately 5,600,000 euros for renovation and construction, but on the agenda are also investments into equipment and software development, which make up over 3,000,000 euros," Molder said.

"Estonia is one of the fastest developing countries in the digital field and it is important that our hospitals are also equipped with modern and best possible medical technology, which enable to increase the availability and quality of medical care," Molder said.

Kersti Reinsalu, CFO and member of the management board of AS East Tallinn Central Hospital, said that the volume of the budget approved by the supervisory board for 2018 is over 6 percent higher than the year before. "Most of the additional money will go to cover the increase of the minimum rate of the salary of medical workers that will enter into force from Apr. 1. There is also a possibility to invest more this year than the year before. Each year, we have tried to invest at least 5 million euros in equipment and buildings, but this year's plan is over 8 million euros. Let us hope that we will conclude the planned works on time and that what is happening on the construction market will not upset our plans," Reinsalu said.

"One of the most important investments of the East Tallinn Central Hospital in 2018 is the renovation of the operation block along with the purchase of new equipment, but also the construction of a youth center to Tonismae, the reconstruction of various rooms of the Ravi Street campus, the renovation of the department of the clinic of internal medicine and the design of a modern Magdaleena health center," Molder said.

The deputy mayor added that primary level health centers are popular in the capital and the feedback from patients is very positive. "The doctors in Tallinn are very good and I believe that patients will receive the best medical care thanks to the close cooperation of family doctors and specialists. One of our goals definitely is to ensure that these health centers are in every city district," Molder said.