Era when Riga is governed by single icon and bright leaders has ended - Burovs

  • 2019-08-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In an interview on Latvian Television this morning, newly appointed Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor to Serve Riga) said that the era when Riga is governed by a single icon and bright leaders has ended.

He said that he wishes less politicization within the Riga City Council, and for the executive power to work accordingly.

Burovs said that the now the most important task is to form his team. He said that he is not talking about some sort of consultants or advisors, but a team from the political leadership and executive power.

He also claimed that he will not be afraid of expelling those who are working poorly. ''The most important is executive discipline,'' the mayor said.

The politician emphasized that he is most interested in dealing with matters involving traffic, infrastructure planning, as well as bridges and roads. He also said that the drawing up of next year's budget is also a top priority.

Asked how he plans to work together with the 35 City Council members who voted for him, including the four who were expelled from Harmony, Burovs admitted that there is certain distrust, but that the criticism of one another must stop and instead must find ways to move forward with important work.

The new Riga mayor also called on the opposition and coalition to work together to regain the trust of Riga residents.

As reported, the Riga City Council at an extraordinary meeting yesterday elected Olegs Burovs, the acting Riga mayor, as the new Riga mayor, following two-month long political discussions.

In total, 48 lawmakers took part in the elections, and 35 votes were cast for Burovs – 11 GKR lawmakers, four members of the Independent Lawmakers’ Group, three members of For Riga bloc, and 17 Harmony lawmakers.

The other mayoral candidate – Viesturs Zeps from For Latvia’s Development – received 12 votes – eight from For Latvia’s Development and four from the National Alliance.

Four Unity and seven New Conservative Party members did not participate in the vote and left the room before the vote started. The voting slip of independent lawmaker Baiba Broka was found invalid.