E-piim and Nordecon entered into a contract for constructing dairy buildings in Paide

  • 2019-09-04
  • TBT Staff

AS E-Piim Tootmine and Nordecon AS entered into a contract for constructing the factory complex of E-Piim in Paide. The construction works will commence in the beginning of 2020 and will be completed in the spring of 2022. The contract covers construction of a factory and administration building plus and entry building and border fences. The cost of the project is 29 million euros plus value added tax.

“The contract for construction works has been entered into, the works will commence soon, and the hi-tech dairy complex will probably be opened in Paide in the spring of 2022,” said Jaanus Murakas, Manager of E-Piim. The complex will be able to receive 1,000 tons of raw milk and 85 tons of whey per day. “The production of the Paide factory will above all be directed to export: it will be producing 33,000 tons of different cheeses and 30,000 tons of whey powder per year.”

“Investments in industry, in factory buildings, tend to be quite rare in Estonia, which is why I am especially happy about this contract. Construction of the factory complex of E-Piim is certainly one of the largest investments in Estonian industry in the last few years,” said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS. “From the engineering perspective, this poses and interesting challenge: the total surface area of the building alone is huge, exceeding 30,000 square meters, and the 7-storey building will contain production, utility, and warehousing rooms of different functionalities. The need to take into consideration the production machinery and installation thereof in the course of the entire process will undoubtedly make construction of the factory exciting and special.”

The factory complex of E-Piim to be constructed in Paide as a new building will include a two-storey administrative building, production premises as a single volume unit and a seven-storey section of the building for powder production – total closed gross surface area of 32,446.9 m2. The head designer of the building is Novarc Grupp AS. In spite of its size, the building is sufficiently divided which enables to stress the volumes of the building architecturally. The overall selection of shades is light – like milk – with three-layer white SW panels covered with steel the main façade material. Dandelion yellow doors and window frames, outdoor staircase carriers, and loading dock cases provide accentuation.

The factory buildings will be accessible through the administrative block, with the entry floor including the foyer, changing rooms and non-work rooms for the factory workers, and the canteen. There will be separate changing rooms for production workers and for those employed in the warehouse and in the field of logistics.

As a rule, the production premises will be in the middle of the building in one volume and in the southeastern wing. The section of the building for powder production will be fully set up over different levels, with the voluminous dryer technology installed on five other technological floors in addition to the main floor (of the total of 7 floors), with the highest reaching approximately 32m. The dryer floors will be connected with a stairwell running through the entire section of the building and there is an outdoor ladder with platforms designed as an emergency exit.

E-Piim is a dairy association operating in Järva-Jaani, Järva County, the first dairy of which was opened in Põltsamaa in 1910 and the second in Järva-Jaani in 1911. E-piim is one of the largest producers of cheese and butter in Estonia and the biggest Estonian cheese exporter. The company has three subsidiaries: E-Piim Transport OÜ, Dessert AS, and E-Piim RU (in St Petersburg).

The Nordecon Group includes companies that focus on project management of constructing and contracting for buildings and facilities. Geographically, the group companies operate in Estonia, Ukraine, Finland and Sweden. The Group’s parent company, Nordecon AS is registered and located in Tallinn, Estonia. The Group’s consolidated revenue for 2018 was 223 million euros. The Nordecon Group currently employs nearly 660 people. As of May 18th, 2006 the shares of the parent company are listed on the main list of NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Exchange.