Druskininkai will celebrate its birthday all year round – quests will just have to enjoy the celebrations!

  • 2024-07-04

Druskininkai, the largest and most popular Lithuanian resort, celebrates its 230th anniversary this year. Many years ago, the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis (Stanisław August Poniatowski), declared this region a location for healing. Since that time, Druskininkai has grown and changed, and today it is the capital of wellness, recreation, active lifestyle and exceptional entertainment all year round. Everyone knows that this place combines hundred-year-old wellness traditions with the latest technologies and peaceful recreation alongside exciting entertainment. During its anniversary year, a birthday marathon awaits, promising a great experience and lots of interesting events.

Druskininkai renews itself and surprises its guests every year

According to Druskininkai Mayor Ricardas Malinauskas, the city is always searching for ways to surprise its guests every year. This year is no exception. A couple of years ago, in the centre of Druskininkai, in the square between the church and the city museum, the sculpture Surutis was unveiled, giving meaning to the legend of the emergence of the resort. In the spring of this anniversary year, the first four memorial benches dedicated to M. K. Ciurlionis, K. Dineika, J. Lipchitz and I. Fonberg in Druskininkai were placed in the square as well. On the initiative of businesses and the community, a bench was built dedicated to the 1863 uprising and in honour of Lithuania’s friendship with Poland. Moreover, a sculpture of a bird— a work by the sculptor Vidmantas Gylikis and architect Linas Krugelis—dedicated to the memory of the poet Justinas Marcinkevicius will be erected in Druskininkai, in the park near the Palace of Culture and Congresses.

Additionally, pontoon bridges have been placed on the Druskonis Lake, in the heart of the resort, where residents and guests of Druskininkai can take a stroll while admiring the surroundings. Other examples of this year’s impressive start in Druskininkai are a fairground park with small shops, cafes, an amphitheatre, a bus station and a modern waiting room, but the main highlight will be a helium balloon rising from inside the building.

“Above the TV tower’s panoramic restaurant and six nine-storey buildings, a helium balloon attached to the building using a special cable will rise to an impressive 200 metres. At the moment, the helium balloon has already been ordered and is being manufactured in France. It will be able to lift up to 30 people at the same time,” says Mayor R. Malinauskas.

The multifunctional centre project was prepared by the famous architect Gintaras Balcytis. The project was also appreciated by the international community of architects, and G. Balcytis was invited to an architecture exhibition in Venice, which brings together architecture professionals. This establishment will blend harmoniously into the environment of the resort: the reconstruction of the building will include the usage of wooden elements and Ciurlionis-style motifs, and the interior space of the building itself will be bright, aesthetic and exclusive while preserving natural islands.

Many events to be held during the anniversary year

According to the director of the Druskininkai Cultural Center, Raimonda Varaskaite, Druskininkai is a unique city. “I don't know any other city in Lithuania to host so many nationwide events that have also become traditional,” she said. “Artistic Easter, the Daffodil Blooming Festival, the Resort Festival—exhilarating the entire city with an impressive theatrical procession—colourful tourism days and ethnocultural events. These are exceptional celebrations that summon to Druskininkai not only guests from other Lithuanian cities but also foreigners.” Cultural tourism and the desire to fulfil the cultural expectations of the community and resort guests is an ambitious path that Druskininkai has been following for some time now.

“The ideas generated in Druskininkai are often the first in Lithuania, and every celebration and every event is cultivated and constantly supplemented by taking the most innovative forms,” said R. Varaskaite. “This year, we are celebrating the city’s 230th birthday all year round, and, believe me, we have prepared many birthday surprises!”

Business representatives will also be invited to celebrate the birthday

Businesses will also contribute to the Druskininkai birthday celebration. Guests of Druskininkai will be invited to a sweet birthday weekend and will have the opportunity to taste the birthday cake in various locations. “Birthdays are always accompanied by joy, smiles and, of course, gifts. Druskininkai, which is celebrating a quite significant anniversary this year, is endeavouring to spread good emotions to both its residents and to the guests of the city. Where can such a source of joy be found? There is no single answer,” explained Jurate Vaitkeviciute, representative of the Druskininkai Recreation and Health Centre AQUA.

“It would seem that everything is so simple: when we are healthy, we feel happy, and when we are happy, we pass it on to others,” said J. Vaitkeviciute, who also revealed that almost 396,000 people visited the AQUA centre last year, and not only from Lithuania but also from Latvia, Poland and even Canada, the Philippines and India.

The centre is an appealing location due to several reasons, such as its aquatic activities and spa facilities—swimming pools and saunas are available all year round. Everything is under one roof and is adapted to guests of all ages and their needs. Water park slides, swimming pools, a bowling alley and a nightclub are available for those who seek activities to do alongside their relaxation. For those who prefer a quiet rest, there are saunas, massage parlours and mineral baths. Elderly people often choose the facilities of the nearby Druskininkai Health Resort “Sveikatos ratas”.

A resort open to innovation

According to the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Centre’s director, Rimantas Palionis, during its 230 years, Druskininkai has always been a bold and innovative resort.

“Druskininkai has always been ahead of its time. For example, a century ago, a park of 1,000 roses was created here, there were regular cultural events and one of the first photo studios in the region opened its doors. Even the Mercedes-Benz car for transporting holidaymakers was the only one in Lithuania at that time,” said R. Palionis.

What, however, has drawn people to this resort over the centuries and still attracts people to come here to rest, create and heal? “It is possible that this is the effect of nature and its water with a high mineral content, as well as all of the good and unique ideas that become reality,” explained R. Palionis. There are many tourist facilities in Druskininkai that attract visitors. We have almost 9,000 accommodation offers that are sufficient for everyone. In this unique resort, regardless of the season, you can find both tropical places and winter joys!

If you haven’t visited Druskininkai yet, or maybe you’re looking for a summer holiday destination, look no further. After all, the city’s vision is “Druskininkai: for the Harmony in Your Life”. You will be pleasantly surprised by how people, nature and entertainment can create a harmonious recreational oasis that will bring you relaxation and revitalise you.

Let’s celebrate the birthday together!