Dozens of people at Russian Embassy in Riga condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and urge Russia to pull back its troops

  • 2022-02-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Dozens of people are coming to the Russian Embassy in Riga today to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and call on Russia to pull its troops back from Ukraine.

According to LETA's observations, there are about 50-70 people at the embassy currently, but those present say that many more people could come to the embassy in the evening after working hours.

People at the embassy are holding placards and flags, and chanting "Hands Off Ukraine!", "Shame On Putin!", "Glory To Ukraine!"

Among the protester at the embassy were European Parliament members Ivars Ijabs (Development/For) and Sandra Kalniete (New Unity).

Many automobiles passing the Russian embassy are honking their horns in solidarity with Ukraine.

In the meantime, a much smaller number of people have come to the Ukrainian Embassy in Riga, they are lighting candles and placing flowers at the embassy's fence.