Despite some in government attempting to sow instability, it most likely will not collapse - political expert

  • 2019-09-08
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Political expert Filips Rajevskis told LETA that the government will likely eventually come to an agreement on next year's budget and it will not collapse.

Rajevskis called the current budget formation process as ''hard negotiating'' between political parties. He said that difficult budget talks were expected taking into account the previous budget formation process and all of the promises political parties made to their voters during the pre-election period.

''When you promise what you cannot accomplish, problems begin. On one hand, it cannot be said that any party has excellent ratings. On the other hand, the situation is as it is, and the governments partners are who they are. The partners wish to show their priorities and fruit of their work to their voters,'' he said, adding that delaying the budget formation process is just an attempt to sow a feeling of instability in the other government partners with the aim of achieving a better result in budget talks.

Rajevskis said that he is pretty confident that the current government will not collapse because of next year's budget, because by initiating the collapse of the government would certainly not be beneficial for any party.