Covid-19 pandemic has become a mechanism for forced digital transformation - Tilde

  • 2021-02-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Covid-19 pandemic has become a mechanism for forced digital transformation, said Andrejs Vasiljevs, the head of Tilde language technologies group.

He said that the pandemic has forced also those who so far had been reserved in the digital transformation process. "Many people have learned new skills and will use them also in the future. For example, organization of remote meetings. Nothing can replace a meeting in person, but often they can be held remotely without the need to spend time, use transport," he said.

He mentioned Tilde as an example - before the pandemic many employees had business trips because the company is actively working with international partners, but now many issues can be solved remotely. Remote work also has a positive impact on the green Europe, CO2, reduction of pollution.

In 2019, Tilde generated EUR 6.892 million in sales and earned EUR 610,671 in profit.

The company was registered in 1991 and has a share capital of EUR 30,000. The company belongs in equal parts to Uldis Dzenis and Andrejs Vasiljevs.