Combat Support and Supply Center's programs and training make our combat units stronger - Levits

  • 2021-05-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Combat Support and Supply Center, which provides adult education services and offers individual training to local personnel of the National Armed Forces and soldiers from other countries, is making our combat units stronger, President Egils Levits said at the presentation of consecrated flag to the center today.

A unit is complete only when it receives its flag, said Levits, adding that flags had always been essential for Latvian soldiers. He went on to say that the Combat Support and Supply Center trained combat experts for most complicated and often most dangerous tasks.

"All these experts play an invaluable role in making our combat units stronger. Many specific units, such as explosives ordinance disposal teams, do important job on daily basis, especially here in our war-ravaged homeland, and in other countries where our and allied troops need protection during complex international missions," said Levits.

The Combat Support and Supply Center's unique flag has two important dates on it: the 2002, when the explosives ordinance disposal school was established, and the 2017, when the school became the Combat Support and Supply Training Center, explained Levits.

"Flag has been made by the same artist who made all the other Armed Forces flags, the exceptional textile artist Ausma Apsa. Thank you Mrs Apsa for putting all your heart into this wonderful flag," said Levits.