Chocolette Confectionary chocolate factory in Jelgava will be one of the most innovative chocolate factories in Europe

  • 2017-07-12
  • LETA/TBT Staff

This autumn Chocolette Confectionary Ltd. will open one of the most innovative chocolate factories in Europe, highly automated, based on green principles, and located in Jelgava, Latvia. Chocolette Confectionary will manufacture unique, sugar-free chocolate with fewer calories that will be exported to the Baltics, major central European markets, UK, Scandinavia, Asia and America. 

Latvia has been chosen for the innovative and green chocolate factory for several reasons. Informs Guntars Dzērve, Business development director, Chocolette Confectionary:

“Latvia’s competitiveness was defined by its geographical location, which means the advantageous logistical position that is vitally important for the factory. Latvia has active state and local government that supports new business initiatives and also qualified personnel.  Developing manufacturing company in Latvia, its management and investors have noted, that local specialists have a high level of productivity and a work culture that perfectly fits in our existing international team.”

Factory has been developing so that company could acquire internationally recognized and highly evaluated food quality and safety BRC certification. “We are delighted that we’ve found specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in the area of international food quality and management certificates such as ISO, HACCP, and BRC,” highlights G.Dzērve.

After many years of hard work, Chocolette Confectionary has developed an innovative recipe of sugar-free chocolate with fewer calories, announcing new niche product in market – chocolate RED.

“We’ve been working for several years to develop this unique recipe in partnership with chocolate masters from France and Switzerland so that the taste is nice and gentle even though the chocolate has much less fat and no sugar at all.  The absence of sugar and the low-fat content are our answer to increasing demand in the world for chocolate with fewer calories, and so this is the niche in which we are going to specialize.  RED offers a positive balance between eating chocolate and maintaining one’s body in a good shape,” emphasizes G.Dzērve.

The factory will be built according to the highest environmental and sanitary standards. To achieve environmental sustainability and contribute to the welfare of the future generations, the company devoted great attention to the efficient use of energy and material resources.

“Principle of “green thinking” will be seen throughout the operations of the factory - we invested heavily into factory automation to save water, gas, energy and to minimize waste so that our production has become highly technological with the best product output,” adds G. Dzērve.