China should bear large part of responsibility for global Covid-19 disaster - MEP Kalniete

  • 2020-05-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - China should bear a large part of responsibility for the global Covid-19 disaster because the pandemic originated in this country but Chinese authorities are now refusing to allow an independent investigation, European Parliament member Sandra Kalniete (New Unity) said today in an interview to TV3 channel. 

The Latvian MEP considers China's refusal to allow the independent investigation into how the Covid-19 pandemic started to be an extremely irresponsible action. Kalniete argued that the investigation is needed not to impose sanctions or punishment but to obtain precise data, which could help better respond to similar situations in the future, "because this mutated virus may not be our last global threat". 

Asked to comment on China's current strategy in relations with other countries, the MEP said that the superpower is using the so-called "mask diplomacy" to distract the world's attention from its responsibility and make it forget that in the beginning China tried to conceal facts about the outbreak. 

As reported, the Covid-19 pandemic has killed an estimated 250,000 people across the world. It is believed that the novel coronavirus originated in China which also saw the first wave of the outbreak.