Bordans sends letter to Danish justice minister to explain why Misane needs to be extradited to Latvia

  • 2020-02-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Justice Minister Janis Bordans (New Conservative Party) on Wednesday sent a letter to Danish Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup and Public Prosecutions Director Jan Reckendorff, emphasizing that Kristine Misane needs to be extradited to Latvia so Latvian authorities could investigate offenses that she may have committed in South Africa, the minister's press secretary Andris Vitenburgs told LETA.

In the letter, Bordans points out that this is the best solution possible because Misane's family and children are in Latvia. The purpose of the letter is to ensure that the European Arrest Warrant issued by Latvia takes precedence over South Africa's request for extradition of Misane.

Misane's extradition to South Africa for abducting her own child has been temporarily suspended, Misane's representatives confirmed to LETA earlier today.

Latvian Television reports that South African representatives have arrived in Copenhagen on Wednesday to take Misane to South Africa in accordance with a Danish court's earlier ruling.

Bordans also points out in the letter that, pursuant to the laws and regulations of Latvia, the competent Latvian authorities are ready to investigate and prosecute Latvian nationals also for crimes committed in other countries. This is confirmed by the European Arrest Warrant issued by the Latvian Prosecutor General's Office, a precondition for the extradition of Misane to Latvia, the letter emphasizes.