BIMsummit examines the potential of the construction sector for Estonia's next e-success story

  • 2019-03-26
  • TBT Staff

Modelling experts from Estonia and abroad will take part in the BIMsummit 2019, Estonia's largest digital engineering conference. The conference will introduce BIM projects with innovative solutions from Estonia and other countries. The keynote speaker David Glennon, a BIM expert from the UK, introduces the country's ability to accelerate the development of the sector with tougher requirements. The experience stories from Estonia will introduce projects in the field of both buildings and infrastructure construction.

“2016 In Estonia, when we first organized a conference on model design in Estonia, the introduction of innovative possibilities was not yet very widespread in Estonia, and we had to rely on foreign examples. However, at this year's BIMsummit we will be able to discuss a number of Estonian projects that will give us an opportunity to learn from local success stories,” stated Miina Karafin, Development Manager of Nordecon AS and organizer of the BIMsummit. “Knowledge is the most important component for the use of model designing - the presence of modern technology alone is not enough; it is necessary to know how to put it to work for your benefit. BIM is certainly one of the ways to improve the quality of buildings and make both construction and maintenance more efficient: both the customer, the builder and the user and caretaker of the building must be knowledgeable. Otherwise it is simply just cool technology that no-one can actually use. ”

According to Miina Karafin, the goal of the BIMsummit is to offer everyone the opportunity through experience stories and discussion circles to learn about the latest and most up-to-date developments in the construction sector and bring in external experts to share their experiences.   “We want these presentations and discussion circles to benefit both the customers and all other related parties. This year's main speaker will come from England: The UK has chosen the way of the national BIM mandate, which means that from 2016, all national projects must have a minimum BIM level. David Glennon, who is a long-term digital engineering strategist and board member of the UK BIM Alliance, will talk about how this decision has affected the construction market and what is the state of play today. It is interesting to learn whether the national requirement in England has led to improvements or disadvantages. Since in Estonia as well, the largest customer for construction is the state, it will definitely be a worthwhile learning experience for us,” said Miina Karafin.

“One of the most interesting topics of this year's conference is certainly the analysis of the infraBIM example: Priidu Kooskora of Roadplan OÜ takes a closer look at the first BIM pilot project of the Road Administration and analyses its success and potential. In addition, examples of the Port of Tallinn and the Viimsi State Gymnasium will be examined closely. Specialists from design companies, such as Merko, Nordecon, and Helena Menzing from CES, a BIM specialist from Norway, will be sharing their experiences. There will be other interesting presentations, addressing, for example, the Tallinn Airport development project, drone usage opportunities and more,” added Miina Karafin.

Support for conducting the BIMsummit will be provided by Nordecon as the main sponsor, and Sirkel & Mall, Reaalprojekt OÜ, AruCAD Systems, and Tekla Software Estonia, 3D Expert, Infrared, CesEstonia and Commuun OÜ as sponsors.

BIMsummit 2019 will take place on April 11 at the Club of Different Rooms in Tallinn. Time schedule: