Article of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev -“When we are united, we are invincible”

  • 2020-04-15
  • Kazakh Embassy in Lithuania

During the years of independence, in the most difficult and critical moments of our country’s life, I always openly discussed any problems with my compatriots, and shared my thoughts with my native people. Now, when many world countries are going through an anxious time, and the health of our nation is seriously jeopardised, I urge our citizens to be patient and composed, and send the people of Kazakhstan wishes of well-being and prosperity.

The sudden onset of the coronavirus pandemic threatens all of humanity. More than 1.4 million people are already infected worldwide, tens of thousands have died. Therefore, the states of the world are combining their efforts in the search for a vaccine against this dangerous disease, and are actively cooperating and utilising all the advanced achievements of modern science and technology for the common goal.

Among all the countries of the world, Kazakhstan was one of the first to engage in the fight against the pandemic. A system of preventive measures was carried out. Relevant government agencies received special training. The course of the development and spread of the pandemic in other countries was studied. As a result, we blocked the path of the pandemic to the best of our abilities, and the situation with the coronavirus was taken under round-the-clock control. A lot has been done to stabilise the situation, and this work is continuing. We need to give nationwide and all-round support to all these measures.

From the first days of independence, heeding Abai’s wise thought that “friendship invites friendship”, I pursued a policy of friendship, mutual trust and equal partnership with all states of the world.

This is the main reason why from the very beginning I tried to establish peaceful and friendly relations with close and distant neighbours, finally resolve all issues along the state border, and initiate the creation of international cooperation organisations in various formats.

The establishment of organisations such as the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, along with the holding of the historic OSCE Summit in Kazakhstan, the Astana Economic Forum and the EXPO Exhibition - all this was done to establish friendly and trustworthy relations with the countries of the world, as well as deepening economic cooperation. Life itself and the current situation today demonstrates that our course towards integration and alliance was the only right path.

The pandemic, having alarmed the world, has created a new global economic crisis. Big businesses have ceased operation, and transport links have been reduced. Oil prices have fallen. The borders are shut, interchange is on pause. All of this is leading to a previously unprecedented, enormous in scale recession, and increase in unemployment.

Our Motherland - Kazakhstan - is rich in minerals, including oil. If you remember, in the past years I have repeatedly said: "We can’t rely on oil and gas deposits, we must move away from this dependence". Therefore, having become an independent state,we began diversifying our economy. To this end, we have developed the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, and as part of the Industrial and Innovative Development programme, we have opened over 1,000 new enterprises. Thanks to this, we have begun to produce products that are competitive in the world market, as well as attracted new technologies. This marked the beginning of the third technological modernisation in our country.

The territory of Kazakhstan became covered by a previously unprecedented network of railways and highways.

As a result of systemic reforms, agriculture received a powerful impetus for development: Kazakhstan not only reliably provided itself with meat, milk and food products, but also became one of the six countries in the world leading in the export of grain.

Life has proved the correctness of these reforms, for which considerable effort and resources were spent and which were carried out in order to protect the country from future unforeseen shocks.

The first article of our Constitution says that the highest values ​​of our state "are an individual, his life, rights and freedoms." Therefore, special attention has been paid to the development of the healthcare sector. Having adopted the “Healthy Kazakhstan” programme, we have built hundreds of modern hospitals and clinics. Having created in the capital a number of major scientific and medical centers equipped with the most advanced technologies, we sent their specialists to practice in the most developed countries of the world, and also trained them under the Bolashakprogramme.

The fruits of this foresight are that in an extreme situation like the current one, when the health of the nation is in tremendous danger, our doctors diagnose, treat and prevent infectious and other diseases at a highly professional level.

Of course, the situation is not easy. This is a disaster that places a heavy burden on the shoulders of all the states of the world. But we will certainly overcome this misfortune - thanks to the steadfastness of our people, their strong will and indestructible faith in our own strength, which always come to the rescue during the hour of severe trials. We have everything that is needed for this: financial and material resources, equipment and food supplies. Therefore, there is no reason to be anxious and panic.

It’s not news to anyone that those who spread lies, provocations and panic are for their own selfish purposes more active during times of adversity. I urge our people to beware of these populist and inflammatory conversations. Because a person who truly cares about the public good, proves that he is right not with loud statements, but with concrete good deeds. Instead of hysterics and being a loudmouth, it is better to engage in self-education and enlightenment.

The current battle is prompting us to remember and follow the well-known words of the legendary commander BauyrzhanMomyshuly: “Discipline is the basis of civic-mindedness and the science of how not to fall into slavery”. An illustrative example is neighboring China: thanks to their organisation and iron discipline, they managed to curb the infection there.

Today’s Kazakhstan is not the Kazakhstan of the 90s, when the Soviet Union was falling apart. In order not to go around the world with outstretched hands in difficult times, many years ago we created the National Fund and the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserve for the future of the country and new generations. 90 billion US dollars have been accumulated today. If we use these resources wisely and economically, this will allow us to steadily manoeuvre the sharp twists and turns of history that we are dialling with today.

In his address to the people of Kazakhstan, President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev informed our society in detail about the supportive measures that will be provided to all social groups, entrepreneurs and people working in agriculture. All this became possible thanks to the achievements of the national economy and funds, which are mentioned above. Yes, at one time there were those who suggested to distribute these resources. But the firmness shown by us, as we see, was not in vain.

Now the Government and local executive bodies must rationally and economically implement all that has been planned. Each minister, each leader of the region, city and district is entrusted with the task of acting in a systematic, disciplined, methodical and decisive manner, to mobilise all the strength to get out of this situation. In this noble cause, members of the NurOtan party should be at the forefront.

Since the highest values ​​of our state are the individual and his life, each one of us should treat the life and health of oneself and all your loved ones with special care and great responsibility. Because the health of the nation is a fundamental part of the security of the state.

I believe that at this moment, all of us will be helped by such noble qualities of our people as respect for elders and concern for the younger ones.

A person’s faith in himself is a great power. It gives our character firmness, the body - physical strength, and the heart - confidence. Today it is especially important for us to surround those mostly in need with care - the older generation, veterans, mothers with many children, low-income families, and the disabled. The best qualities of our people, which are passed down from generation to generation, call for this.

Today, humanity is at a crossroad. The uniqueness of the current situation is that these successive problems, which had never before touched so many aspects of geopolitics, economics, ecology, and public life, have now begun to change the very format of interstate relations. The words of the great Indian humanist Mahatma Gandhi seem appropriate here: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” Just recently, countries were creating mutual barriers, and engaging in a war of sanctions. Now they are helping each other. This demonstrates the start of major global changes.

There have been numerous wars in world history, tense situations and conflicts that have dragged on for decades and even centuries.There have been many epidemics that have claimed millions of lives. Humanity has overcome all of this. We will overcome the current adversity as well. World powers need to learn from this difficult situation.

AitekeBiy once said: “The goal of the country and person is the future. If you take care of it in advance, then you should not be afraid for it”. What wonderful words! Right now, we need a new policy that will inspire the whole of human civilisation to develop, rather than create obstacles.

Any difficulties prompt a person to find a way out of the impasse, and change his thinking, and improve his methods of work. This contributes to the development of science and technology, the formation of a healthy lifestyle. We see that there are creative ways of organising labour, and new types of professions are appearing. Now people are swapping office work for remote work. All this became possible only thanks to the planned measures, comprehensively thought out in time.

Difficulties make spirited and self-confident people stronger. Therefore, together with the whole world, we need to put aside apathy, anxiety, passivity, and instead strengthen ourselves on the way out of the crisis.

According to the wise ToleBiy: “Where there is no unity, there is no well-being". There is no peak that cannot be conquered by unity and harmony. For us there is no higher goal than to constantly strengthen our independence, which our ancestors have dreamed about for centuries and which we achieved almost 30 years ago. Kazakhstan is our large common home in which we all live in peace, friendship and harmony. Our diversity is a treasure and an advantage in a competitive and global world. The source of all our achievements over the years of independence is the unity of our people. May the Almighty preserve our unity and prosperity.

I am first of all addressing the older generation and the intellectuals: call on people to unity, goodness, good achievements, and a healthy lifestyle. Remember the wisdom: “The beginning of happiness is agreement”. Educate young people so that they strive to be the first in work and study. We are obliged by this great responsibility to the younger generation.

I want to tell the young generation: next year those born during the first year of our independence will turn 30. The older generation has done everything possible for you, now it's your turn to show your strengths and abilities. Strive to do good, move away from bad thoughts and unseemly deeds. Show respect to the elderly people, care for younger ones, be comrades and friends to each other. Never forget about Abai’s edification: “If you don’t see a friend in your neighbour, all your affairs are useless”.

I appeal to entrepreneurs: thanks to our independence, you created your own business, became wealthy. Now it’s your turn to ask the question: “What can I give to my country?”

At my request, entrepreneurs are helping compatriots by providing financial and material assistance. I hope that this good deed will continue.

Well-being and goodness exist where there is a continuity of generations and traditions. This sacred principle should be in the heart and soul of every Kazakh person.

I was very happy to lead people who in the most difficult times never lost their dignity, and instead were always distinguished by their unity, kindness, cordiality, and compassion. Therefore, in this difficult environment, I express my gratitude to all my wise and generous people.

Over the years of independence, we have experienced many difficulties and crises. I always spoke openly and clearly about this. You showed me great trust, it invariably gave me strength and energy. I am deeply grateful to all of you for this.


The health of the nation and the security of the state are inseparable concepts. The state is taking all the necessary measures in order to overcome existing difficulties. Not a single person, not a single citizen of our country will be left without support.

We are a single country, a united people. I have always been with the people. And today I am with you.

We are together. Without bowing down to difficulties, we will preserve our unity and harmony. Only then will we be able to maintain independence and be worthy of our great goal “Eternal country”.