A unique nuclear medicine centre for diagnosis and production of preparations is opened in the Baltics

  • 2023-05-12

Medical Centre "NUCLEO" in cooperation with "ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika" have created a unique medical centre in the Baltics, which will provide diagnostic services based on nuclear medicine, as well as produce and export radioactive pharmaceutical products.

"The nuclear medicine centre opened in Riga is unique in the Baltic region. Already at the end of the summer, the centre will provide the production of the radioactive preparation necessary for diagnostics in the cyclotron, which is at our disposal, and already now it is possible to examine oncological patients with positron emission tomography and computed tomography. It is equally important that the centre will provide a practical and modern training process for young specialists in the fields of medicine and diagnostics, pharmacy and chemistry, as well as medical engineering and physics," says Dace Rātfeldere, Board Member of SIA "NUCLEO" Medical Centre. 

The Nuclear Medicine Clinic of “Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS" is already operating in the premises of the "NUCLEO" centre, where residents can undergo computed tomography examinations. Soon, examinations with one of the most accurate and modern oncology diagnostic methods - digital positron emission tomography (PET/CT) and magnetic resonance – will also be available. The method allows cancer cells to be noticed at an early stage of the disease, and its application requires special radioactive pharmaceutical preparations, which were imported to Latvia until now, but will now be produced in Latvia – in the newly opened nuclear medicine centre.

"The high-precision equipment installed in our clinic allows effective diagnosis of oncological diseases at early stages, and the examinations are carried out especially carefully, with the least possible impact on the patient. This method has no analogues in oncology which could equally determine the stage of tumours, evaluate the dynamics of the tumour, and determine the effectiveness of therapy. The experience of our specialists and their high work standards have been recognized at the international level – in 2022 " Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS" obtained the Centre of Excellence accreditation of the International Nuclear Medicine Association for the PET/CT Philips Vereos equipment, which is already operating in the "ARS" Diagnostic Clinic. It is expected that in the future the new nuclear medicine centre will also allow the development of examinations in cardiology and other medical branches. Thus, we are currently taking a significant step towards improvement of the health of the public," says Māris Andersons, Chairman of the Board of SIA "Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS" about the importance of the opening of the canter. 

The produced preparations are expected to be exported  

The cyclotron of the Medical Centre "NUCLEO" is capable of producing radionuclides with short half-live. These radionuclides can later be used for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals. This is the only equipment of its kind in the Baltics, and it is planned that the produced preparations will be also exported to Estonia and Lithuania. This modern technology offers unique opportunities for cooperation with pharmaceutical industry companies in Latvia.

More than 2.5 million euros have been invested in the creation of the Centre

The newly opened Medical Centre "NUCLEO" was created using financing provided by OP Corporate Bank, as well as security provided by ALTUM. The centre is located in Pārdaugava, on Gardenes Street 13. In total, 25 employees are working in the centre, and 7 more employees will be recruited upon the start of active production. In a month, it will be possible to provide radiopharmaceutical preparations for PET/CT diagnostic examinations to up to 1,200 oncology patients throughout the Baltics. The Medical Centre also offers other medical services, and several specialists, such as a GP, endocrinologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist have already started working, and "Pediatric Clinic "Māra"" has also been opened here.