5G must be a tool at people's disposal whenever they need it - Levits

  • 2021-11-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The 5G technology must become a tool that is at people's disposal whenever they need it, President Egils Levits said at 5G Techritory forum in Riga on Tuesday. 

The president indicated that when the Covid-19 crisis broke out, Latvia was faced with a number of technology related challenges. 

"There was suddenly a need for the transmission of a large amount of data in order to organize teleconferences, to make distance learning possible and enable physicians to provide consultations online," Levits said. 

As for the readiness of Latvia's technology infrastructure, an extensive 4G network was provided in across Latvia, the president said.

"I therefore believe that we need to be prepared for coming challenges as demand for large data volumes grows. This is where 5G comes in," Levits said, adding that 5G is not an end in itself. 

"It has to be a tool at people's disposal whenever they need it," the president stressed. 

"Our challenge is to build a future that would be more intelligent, connected and productive, but still centered around man and environmentally friendly," the president said.  

As reported, the European 5G ecosystem forum 5G Techritory kicked off in Riga on Monday, gathering leading experts of the field from all over the world. The forum provides a platform for discussions on the deployment of the 5G network and to set a political and strategic agenda for the next decade.

The forum will take place until Thursday, November 25.