30 families have returned to Latgale as part of re-emigration project

  • 2018-11-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

JELGAVA - The Latgale Planning Region has informed LETA that 30 families have returned to Latgale Province (eastern Latvia) as part of the re-emigration project.

At the moment, 30 families consisting of 67 persons have returned home.

In order to assist in helping Latvian families currently residing abroad to return home, the LPR's re-emigration coordinator Astrida Lescinska said that cooperation has been launched with state institutions, local governments and businesses, as well as various specialists.

Lescinska said that the main reasons people from Latgale are returning home is the fact that they miss their families and friends, patriotism, the wish to send their children to Latvian schools, starting a family or beginning a business.

This re-emigration project is supported by the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry.