We did not change, but Russia and its actions changed - Usakovs

  • 2022-05-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Harmony party has not changed and has remained the same as it was on February 23 and February 24, but Russia has changed and what it is doing, Nils Usakovs, a member of the European Parliament (EP), the chairman of Harmony's council, said at the party's congress today.

The politician said that the accusations made against the Harmony about "changing coats" were unfounded.

The current situation has been created by the criminal war started by Russia in Ukraine, because Russia, which we used to have good relations with, is now committing war crimes against children and the elderly in Ukraine, Usakovs emphasized.

The MEP said the majority of delegates in the Harmony congress hall were likely to be Russian and Russian-speaking. In this context, the Harmony politician said that the people who were killed and raped in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities were the same Russians and Russian speakers as in the congress hall today and are party voters.

Usakovs sharply criticized the decision of the current Riga City Council to cancel a free lunch for some schoolchildren, emphasizing that there were no words to describe the fact that a single mother could be asked to pay extra for school meals.

Harmony is fighting to prevent two mistakes that were made in Latvia in the early 1990s - social catastrophes and current mistakes in national politics. "We are the only adequate people in Latvian politics - and this could be one of our slogans," Usakovs emphasized, pointing out that campaigning will be held in the courtyards of residential buildings again before the 14th Saeima elections.

The politician pointed out that in order to rescue his constituents, he has offered his solutions to the economic, social, inflation and energy crisis. "More Europe, more social democracy and a united political nation - this what Harmony needs to achieve to better protect its constituents," said Usakovs, who emphasized the importance of a strong European Union.

The Harmony politician also stressed that there was no reason to take revenge on the local Russians, who have nothing to do with Russia's actions. Usakovs emphasized that the Kremlin will not be worrying about the decline in living standards in Bolderaja and Daugavpils.

The Kremlin will also not shed a tear about a demolished monument, which could also depict a Ukrainian, and stressed that in Latvia, as in a family, confrontation and tension cannot be allowed.