The world premiere of the second season of criminal drama BESA will take place in Estonia

  • 2021-11-21

On Monday, November 22, the second season of the critically acclaimed and beloved by the public Serbian criminal drama series BESA will premiere at the Black Nights Film Festival. Some scenes of the second season were filmed in Estonia.

BESA, which premiered in 2018, is Serbia’s most popular TV series, with its first season attracting millions of viewers in Serbia and across Adriatic region. The key scenes of the second season were filmed in Estonia this summer.

The world premiere of the series will take place on Monday, November 22, within the TV Beats program of the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF). Raša Bukvić who plays the lead role in the series, Arben Barjaktaraj, acting as the leader of the drug cartel, Igor Stoimenov, the author and director of the series, as well as producers Tea KorolijaMilena Džambasović from Serbia and Esko Rips from Estonia will attend the premiere. Estonian actors Gert RaudsepHendrik Toompere Jr.Mari Abel, and Rain Tolk also star in the series. Second season of BESA was produced by Adrenalin and Telekom Srbija.The production process in Estonia was coordinated by Nafta Films.

The first season of BESA was well-received by the public and the critics alike. The series won the Golden Antenna Best Television Series Award and the Best Music and Best Photography awards at the Southeast Europe film award gala FEDIS. BESA is the most watched TV series in Serbia. Its scenario was also used to produce TV series in the Middle East and Malaysia.

According to Tea Korolija, the general producer of BESA, the popularity of the series is still growing. “The first season was the most popular show in Serbia and one of the most popular TV series in the entire region, and we hope to expand to even more countries with the second season. During the Black Nights Film Festival, the people of Estonia will be the first to see the second season of the series, and hopefully the series will soon reach Estonian TV channels,“ said Korolija.

In the first season of BESA, the infamous mafia boss loses his daughter in a tragic accident, and now demands revenge. For an ordinary family man accidentally involved in a car accident that kills a drug lord’s daughter, the only way out is to become a killer himself. The thing that binds the two men is besa, which means secret oath, carrying out one’s promise and the word of honour in the culture of Southeast Europe.

The story of the second season filmed in Estonia, Serbia and Montenegro is focused on revenge and complex generational swap, caused by the series of unfortunate events and ghosts from the past.

Uros and his family are in a witness protection program for witnessing against a drug lord Dardan who is currently in prison. Dardan’s son Driton takes over his father’s drug business and wants to take revenge on Uros and his family for the death of his sister and the betrayal of his father.

The series was filmed in more than 200 locations in eight countries, including Estonia. Its international cast includes Arben Barjkaraj (Harry Potter, Taken), Radivoje Rasa Bukic (Taken, Die Hard), Milos Timotijevic (Chernobyl Diaries), Katrina Cas (Wolf of Wall Street), Gert Raudsep (Cherry Tobacco), Milan Maric (Dovlatov) and Florist Bajgora (Gangs of London).

The series second season is produced by Adrenalin and Telekom Srbija. Created from an original idea by Srdjan Saper, the first season of BESA, written by a team headed by Tony Jordan, the acclaimed British screenwriter, achieved audience acclaim and cult status across the Balkan region; it was also produced as a successful format, retitled as Blood Oath, for the Arabic market by MBC Studios. The second season of BESA was created by Igor Stoimenov, who also wrote and directed most of the episodes.

In Estonia, Nafta Films (producer Esko Rips) offers a production service for the series and the production team consists of more than 50 Estonians.


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