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French movie legend has his say on Russia, Ukraine conflict

  • 2014-08-28
  • From wire reports, RIGA

French actor Gerard Depardieu (photo: twitter)

French movie legend Gerard Depardieu has had his say on the Russia, Ukraine conflict currently making international headlines

Depardieu said he "likes both Russia and the Ukraine - which is part of Russia" before declining to take further questions on politics.

Depardieu also spoke his love for Russian artists including Dostoevsky and revealed that it was Vladimir Putin who helped him get to know and understand the 'Russian soul.'

The actor is in Riga, Latvia where he's promoting the Baltic Pearl film festival with French actor Fanny Ardant. 

The movie star said he had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin over his concerns that  film directors 'are 'not getting their say' in Russia.

Depardieu made international headlines last year after he was granted Russian citizenship personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin.