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Post office workers taken to hospital after poisonous leak

  • 2014-01-22
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Two postal workers have been taken to hospital after what now appears to be a poisonous substance leaked from a parcel in a Marupe post office. 

The substance is believed to be glue for boats and other fibreglass products, police say, whilst the post office is currently closed pending invesitgations.

When the substance began leaking from the parcel, the workers immediately contacted the Infectious Diseases Center, the State Police and the State Fire and Rescue Service. The Emergency Medical Service was called in when the workers became sick, reports LETA. 

When the workers arrived at work this morning, they felt an unpleasant scent in the post office, which, however, did not prevent them from going about their work as usual. After a while, they started feeling sick and noticed a substance leaking from two parcels, realizing that it was the source of the scent.

The parcels were received yesterday and remained in the post office all night.