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Vilnius has ’most positive attitude’ towards foreigners, research shows

  • 2014-01-15
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

Vilnius is among the top ten European capitals which have the most positive attitude towards foreigners, research shows

A total of 84 percent citizens in Vilnius welcomed the fact that there were foreigners in the city. Around 54 percent of citizens said that foreigners living in Lithuania's capital had successfully integrated into the society.

Elsewhere, around 81 percent of residents in Tallinn said they welcomed foreigners. However, residents in Riga, Latvia were more inhospitable to foreigners, where 62 percent of the residents of Riga showed kindly spirit towards foreigners.

Research has been carried out by the Flash Eurobarometer survey carried out by Lithuania's company TNS LT.

"This survey shows that the residents of the capital, the city in which the greatest number of the foreigners are coming and living, show kindly spirit for them," said representative of the TNS LT Ruta Matulaitiene.