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Latvia reveals most popular baby names of 2013

  • 2014-01-10
  • From wire reports, RIGA

The most popular baby names in Latvia for 2013 have been revealed.

In 2013, the five most popular male names were  Robert, Marcus, Gustav, Daniel and Artem.  Sofia still remains the most popular womens name for the past four years running, statistics from the Office of Citizenship and Migration board show.

Ten years ago, the top five men's names looked like this : John, Arthur, Edgar, Christopher and Martin .

The most popular men's Latvian name, John kept the leading position until 1998, however, over the years it gradually declined whilst now the name can't be found on the list . 

In, 2001,  Daniel appeared as the most popular male name. 

Similar changes were seen a decade of women's top names . In 2013, the five most popular female names were : Sofia ( 255 ) , Marta (225 ) Emily ( 221 ) Anna ( 212) and Alice ( 208) . In 1993 the name of the top 5 women looked like this : Christine ( 476 ) Laura ( 408 ) , Elina ( 327 ) Linda ( 286 ) and Santa (265 ) .