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Belarusians flock to Vilnius for protest concert

  • 2013-11-30
  • By Rayyan Sabet-Parry, VILNIUS

Up to 10,000 Belarusians have flocked to Vilnius on Nov.30 for a protest concert by rock band Lyapis Trubetskoy.

The outspoken Belarusian rock band perform at the Siemens Arena to a sell out crowd. They have been banned from playing in Minsk due to their criticism of the present regime.

Belarus' current human rights record has often come in to question with some coutries calling the country a dictatorship.

However, there was some hope among EU officials this week after Belarusian foreign minister Uladzimir Makei said they were willing to engage in talks over visa free regime plans. Proposals could allow better ease of movement in Europe for citizens.

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