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My colleagues and I are working poorly for ratings - Sprudzs

  • 2013-02-15

LIEPAJA - In an interview with “Rietumu Radio” today, commenting the low political ratings of the Reform Party, Environmental Protection and Regional Development Minister Edmunds Sprudzs (Reform Party) said that it cannot be expected that when reforms are announced, there will be immediate and wide-range support for these reforms.

“I will say his - my colleagues and I - we are working poorly for ratings. It cannot be expected that when reforms and changes are announced, there will be immediate and wide-range support. This happens rarely,” Sprudzs said. He said that it takes a certain period of time for the public to accept change and get over its negative attitude. As an example, the minister mentioned the Latgale Development Plan, which has met with a skeptical attitude at first, but has since been receiving positive feed-back.

The Reform Party, Sprudzs pointed out, is a new party, thus its ratings must be calculated from zero since the previous Saeima elections. “Any party with experience politicians has some sort of rating baggage. If you come in with completely new persons, except maybe Valdis Zatlers, then your party ratings can only start with zero. Ratings gradually begin to improve when you begin to work,” Sprudzs explained.