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Center Party initiates a bill for direct presidential elections

  • 2013-02-14

TALLINN – 21 members of the opposition's Center Party submitted on Thursday to the Riigikogu proceedings a bill that would change the Estonian Constitution by introducing direct presidential elections, Postimees Online reports.

Center Party secretary general, Riigikogu constitution committee member Priit Toobal referred to public polls that say that the majority of people support direct presidential elections.

"Actually this has been talked about since the valid Constitution was compiled. Both president Meri and President Ruutel have recommended it to Estonia," he said.

"We think that the people are able to elect Estonia a worthy head of state and we think it is right that the Riigikogu should give up that right to the people," he said.

The president is elected in Estonia by the parliament, and if the parliament fails to elect the president, the Electoral Assembly, which consists of MPs and electors from local municipalities, is convened.