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Like neighbors spitting over a fence - Lithuanian MP on relations with Poland

  • 2013-02-06

VILNIUS - Deputy Speaker of parliament Algirdas Sysas illustrates Lithuanian-Polish relations as two neighbors spitting at each other over a common fence and blames foreign policy on that.

"If we do not talk to each other, then relations normally get worse rather than better. We have to deal with the tools that our colleagues, representatives of other parties use to promote domestic nationalism in Lithuania. Having resolved these issues, we would strip them of their trump card which they constantly flash," the politician said Wednesday morning in an interview with radio Ziniu Radijas.

Deputy Seimas speaker also said that all projects that had to connect Lithuania to Western Europe via Poland (for example, Via Baltica) have been paused, which is not economically beneficial.

"Why did they get paused? I believe it is a result of a certain international, foreign policy. Various statements and refusals to communicate resulted in this. It is like two neighbors who stand at a fence and spit at each other," Sysas illustrated his opinion.