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VL-TB/LNNK to support euro adoption

  • 2012-12-13

RIGA - After a five-hour debate yesterday evening, All for Latvia!-For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK (VL-TB/LNNK) decided to support the introduction of the euro in Latvia and vote in favor of the euro introduction bill during today's parliamentary session.

VL-TB/LNNK co-chairman Raivis Dzintars told reporters that the majority of VL-TB/LNNK Saeima group and board members voted for supporting the bill in the first reading, writes LETA.

VL-TB/LNNK does not consider the introduction of the euro a miraculous cure. The matter depends on various circumstances and it is difficult to predict its consequences. However, it is the government's task to prevent its potential risks, explained the politician.

Dzintars pointed out that the party's decision was decided by the geopolitical importance of the adoption of the euro. By not continuing to move toward the euro, Latvia would most likely lose its chances of joining the eurozone, sending a clear signal about a change in its foreign policy priorities, points out VL-TB/LNNK. The party believes that this would result in the country loosing the trust of its western allies and Russia making use of economic destabilization to increase its influence in Latvia.