Nemunas by CITUS: a long-awaited transformation and outstanding features

  • 2024-06-22

The Nemunas by CITUS project is converting a former sanatorium in Druskininkai into apartments offering both residential and hotel-like services. Owners will enjoy management services for a hassle-free stay, similar to a hotel experience, with preliminary service offers already received from potential partners. This innovative approach ensures residents can enjoy their stays without the usual responsibilities of property ownership and the project itself is set to become a landmark development in Lithuania.

Comprehensive Facilities and Services

The ground floor will feature a restaurant, a co-working space, a children’s playroom, a sports club, and other essential services. The rooftop will host a restaurant terrace and cocktail bar, providing residents and guests with a luxurious experience. A spectacular spa water area on the rooftop will be the highlight of the complex, offering a unique relaxation space with stunning views.

The nine remaining floors will house approximately 370 apartments of various sizes, ranging from 1 to 4 rooms (18–80 sq. m). These apartments are designed to meet the needs of different residents, from singles and couples to families. Buyers can choose between partial or full furnishing packages, allowing them to customise their living spaces according to their preferences.

A public park is planned around the building, open to all, providing a green space for relaxation and recreation for everyone. This park will also increase synergies with the nearby Druskininkai Cultural Centre. The prime location ensures residents have easy access to various recreational activities and amenities.

The project caters to the growing demand for second homes and holiday apartments, appealing to both local and international buyers, as well as investors looking to rent out properties. Mantas Galdikas, CEO of Citus, notes that the popularity of second or holiday homes has significantly increased recently. The special offer of apartments with additional services in Druskininkai is expected to attract people from all over Lithuania and abroad. Investors will find this project particularly appealing, given the potential for rental income and the comprehensive services offered.

The building will retain its authentic character while incorporating modern engineering solutions. This approach preserves the historical essence of the building while ensuring it meets contemporary standards of comfort and safety. The renovation process focuses on sustainability, saving materials and labour time, and reducing pollution typically associated with such projects. By reusing the existing structure, Nemunas by CITUS significantly reduces its environmental footprint.

Spectacular Highlights

One of the most exciting features of Nemunas by CITUS is its open-air rooftop swimming pool. Open-air rooftop pools are common in popular resorts in Singapore, Brazil, the US, Spain, and Italy, but they are rare in Lithuania and its neighbouring Baltic states and Poland. "The pool will be unique in the region and likely the only one in Druskininkai due to Nemunas by CITUS's height," said Galdikas. Unlike rooftop pools in Poland or Estonia, which are often enclosed, this will be open-air. In Lithuania, rooftop saunas exist, but such pools are mostly seen in exotic places or on TV screens.

The stainless-steel pool structure, holding over 70,000 litres, is already being assembled. Expected to be completed by summer, the pool will be nearly 20 metres long, with a surface area of about 60 square metres. It will feature a swim current, sauna, whirlpool bath, and other amenities on the pool terrace, offering panoramic views.

Integrating the works of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, a famous Lithuanian artist and a symbol of Druskininkai, has been part of Nemunas by CITUS's vision from the start. Supported by the city municipality, this vision aims to honour and promote the artist’s legacy. The facade panels separating the balconies will feature fragments of his works, coming together from specific vantage points. These won't be just reproductions; they will likely be the largest reproductions of Ciurlionis' paintings worldwide, presented uniquely.

The signing of notarial transactions will commence next month. The first apartment owners will start moving in as the building nears completion, with nearly 80% of the apartments in the first phase already sold or reserved. All roof structures are in place, windows are being finished, and heating, ventilation, electrical, and fire-safety systems have been installed and commissioned. Approximately 13 million euros has been invested in Nemunas by CITUS, with an additional 0.6–1.2 million euros being added monthly.

Construction works are set for completion next year, coinciding with the opening of the Druskininkai Culture and Congress Centre. This centre aims to establish the resort as a cultural tourism hub with high-end events.

CITUS: A Leading Real Estate Developer

Established in 2012, CITUS is one of Lithuania's largest real estate companies, known for its bold and professional approach. For several years, CITUS has been among the top-performing real estate companies, developing projects in Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, and Nida. CITUS has developed over 30 real estate projects and stages and has received 15 awards in Lithuania and abroad.