Lithuanian energmin calls Hungary's position on Russian oil unacceptable

  • 2022-05-06
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – As the European Union is considering its 6th package of sanctions for Russia, including an oil embargo, Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys says the wish of Hungary and other EU countries to continue importing oil from Russia is unacceptable, adding that countries should give up Russian oil as soon as possible. 

"What I can say, it’s unacceptable. I think that each drop of oil bought from Russia finances the murder in Ukraine. So, I think that all of us should in the shortest term stop buying any energy resources from Russia and Lithuania in this case is ready to be an example," Kreivys told reporters on Thursday after the official launch of the Lithuanian-Polish gas pipeline (GIPL) in Jauniunai, near Vilnius

Poland's Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa compared the ongoing sanctions debate to the controversy surrounding climate change and decarbonization. 

"When we (Polish politicians – BNS) say to European countries that it's impossible to have transformation (by reducing dependence on coal – BNS) in a very short time because of the lack of infrastructure as well as financial challenges, and the social ones, then we heard that we must be ambitious," she said. 

The European Union is currently considering its sixth package of sanctions for Russia in response to its war in Ukraine, started in late February. The package includes a ban on imports of Russian oil, but not all EU members, including Hungary, back it.