Estonian formin: There is no free Europe without a free Ukraine

  • 2024-06-04
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna was in Ukraine from Saturday to Monday, where he emphasized that there is no free Europe without a free Ukraine.

Tsahkna met with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets, Prosecutor General Andri Kostin, Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna and Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov. During the visit, Estonia and the Olena Zelenska Foundation (OZF) also opened a brand-new family-style small group home in the Zhytomyr region. In addition, the cornerstone was laid for the next two family homes to be built by Estonia.

The meeting with Kuleba focused on the continuation of comprehensive support to Ukraine, while the Ukrainian minister thanked Estonia for its unwavering support.

"For Ukrainians, the most important thing is winning the war and rebuilding Ukraine," Tsahkna said. "There are several Estonian projects in the works in Zhytomyr, and Estonia's support for the reconstruction of Ukraine is long-term. In addition, I informed my Ukrainian colleague about Estonia's contribution of 400,00 euros to the Ukrainian energy support fund."

Topics discussed at the meeting with the prosecutor general included the prosecution of the Russian leadership and the use of Russia's frozen assets in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

"It is clear that the Russian leadership must be punished for the terror that Ukrainians witness every day," Tsahkna said. "Ukrainians commended us for passing the frozen assets law, and together we hope for quick progress on this issue in the G7 and the European Union."

With Stefanishyna, who is the deputy prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, Tsahkna discussed Ukraine's EU integration and accession to NATO.

"We expect a clear message from the Washington summit about Ukraine joining NATO. We must not get stuck because Ukraine needs quick decisions. The same applies to joining the European Union -- Ukraine has taken all the necessary steps and fulfilled all the criteria, while simultaneously repelling a military invasion," the minister said.

The main focus of the meeting with Fedorov was on the Tallinn Mechanism.

On June 1, the International Day for the Protection of Children, Tsahkna, together with the Estonian Center for International Development (ESTDEV) and the Olena Zelenska Foundation (OZF), opened the aforementioned family-style small group home.

The minister also laid the cornerstone for the next two family houses, which will be completed and handed over to the families at Christmas this year.

"Supporting children affected by war is our priority, because these children have paid the highest price -- losing their parents, home and childhood," Tsahkna said.

The family houses are the third Estonian reconstruction project in the reconstruction of Ukraine.