Anyksciai: sustainable business potential in North-Eastern Lithuania

  • 2024-06-24

Situated in Northern Lithuania, Anyksciai town has a rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and a strategically convenient geographical location. These factors create favourable conditions for business development and investment. Investors are given the opportunity to invest in a wide range of activities, to begin from tourism and agricultural businesses and to end with industrial and service sectors.

The tourism sector is the business area with the highest potential in Anyksciai. The city is famous for its natural attractions, such as the Treetop Trail, the Puntukas Stone, and the Beacon of Happiness, which attract tourists from all over the world. Investments in tourism infrastructure such as hotels, SPA centres and services, cafes and entertainment services can be very profitable.

Another important business niche is the agricultural sector. The sixth largest municipality in Lithuania - Anykscai District Municipality covers a large agricultural area, which offers opportunities for the development of farming, livestock farming and processing of agricultural products, creating new jobs and increasing diversification of the city's economy.

It is also worth noting the industrial and service sectors which have the potential to grow and expand in Anyksciai. Investments in industrial facilities, logistics centres or business services can be profitable, considering the city's strategic geographic location and infrastructure development.

All these factors demonstrate that Anyksciai is an attractive region for business investments. By encouraging investment, the city's economy receives a new impetus, which boosts job creation, the well-being of its residents and the overall development of the town.

Anyksciai district offers a wide range of investment opportunities not only for Lithuanian but also foreign investors. Infrastructure development is considered annually, and appropriate programmes are foreseen in order to improve and modernise the infrastructure:

- Transport - the district is easily accessible by car.

- Energy - the district has a reliable electricity supply, provided by the national electricity grid. In addition, energy projects are in the planning phase in  order to develop alternative energy sources. At present, approximately 20 municipal institutions and the lighting of Anyksciai city are powered by electricity from renewable energy sources.

- Communications - Anyksciai has a good internet and communications network to ensure efficient business operations and connectivity to the world.

Today, we offer seven locations for investors/market to set up a business:

- Land plot - cadastral No. 3403/0019:119, area 0,1981 ha

Anyksciai, Kranto g. 2A. The main purpose of the land plot is other land use, the use method is recreational territories. 

- Land plot - cadastral No. 3403/0005:75, area 3,4874 ha

- Anyksciai, Vairuotoju g. 5A. The main purpose of the land plot is other land use, use types - industrial territories and warehousing objects’ territories; territories of objects with commercial purpose. Possible division of the land plot.

- Land plot - area 0,0597 ha

Anyksciai, Saltinio g. (between land plots Saltinio g. 2 and Taikos g. 6). The main use of the land plot is other purpose land, the use method is territories of objects with commercial purpose.

- Land plot - cadastral No. 3403/0002:72, area 0,4326 ha

Anyksciai, Sportininku g. 1D. The main purpose of the land plot - land of other purpose, use method - recreational territories.

- Land plot - cadastral No. 3403/0021:145, area 1,0000 ha

Anyksciai, Troskunu g. 4. The main purpose of use of the land plot is land of other purpose, the use method is territories of objects with commercial purpose.

- Land plot - cadastral No. 3403/0005:80, area 0,8470 ha

Anyksciai, Geguzes g. 39C. The main purpose of use of the land plot is other land use, Land use types - territories of industrial and warehousing facilities; territories of transport and engineering communications service facilities.

- Land plot - cadastral No 3403/0019:106, area 0,3000 ha.

Anyksciai, Mindaugo g. 2E. The main purpose use of the land plot is other land use, the use methods are territories of objects with commercial purpose.

Anyksciai is not only known as a beautiful and rich natural district, but also has business potential and favourable investment conditions. The concentration of businesses in various sectors and the tourism infrastructure provide a wide range of investment opportunities. Investors upon starting business activities can take advantage of the district's unique natural conditions and its rapidly growing tourism potential. When investing in Anyksciai, investors can not only achieve financial success, but also help further development of the region and contribute to the well-being of the local community. For those seeking investments in North-Eastern Lithuania, Anyksciai is an attractive and viable choice.