AKROPOLE Alfa displays the exhibition “raDOT”, a collaborative work of children and their teachers

  • 2023-10-02

From 1 to 31 October, the exhibition “raDOT”, a collaboration between students and their teachers from the private art school Kultūras Patnis and the social enterprise “Brāļi un māsas”, will be displayed in the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of the shopping and entertainment centre AKROPOLE Alfa. The exhibition features 45 works of art that aim to remind people that this form of work is open, accepting and inclusive, thus promoting equality and awareness of how to embrace the different and enhance the good.

As Astra Rubene, Head of the Art Department at the art school Kultūras Patnis, explains, the very title of the exhibition “raDOT” speaks of creativity and sharing it with others. “Art can give courage, inspiration, opportunity, the key to new experiences and emotions, as well as valuable knowledge. At the same time, the interaction between teachers and children, who can give a lot to each other through art and the creative process, is very important. Teachers are there to capture and help guide children’s imagination and inner feelings, to give ideas so that young artists can continue to fulfil themselves. Moreover, children also inspire teachers, allowing them to look at ordinary things from a completely different perspective,” says A. Rubene.

“Simple colours on canvas can not only speak to people but also bring them together. Art reminds us that we are all the same; we want to create and enjoy all things beautiful. I am delighted that AKROPOLE Alfa is continuing its collaboration with the art school Kultūras Patnis, as well as strengthening its friendship with the social enterprise “Brāļi un māsas”, to tell a wonderful story of inclusion and equality through the artwork of the students and their teachers. I hope that everyone who visits the exhibition will learn something valuable from it that they can carry on in their lives,” comments Aija Urbane-Orbāne, Marketing Manager of the shopping centres AKROPOLE Alfa and AKROPOLE Rīga.

The exhibition brings together the work of students from the professional programme of the private art school Kultūras Patnis, students from the social enterprise “Brāļi un māsas” (children with special needs), as well as the work of teachers. Among the teachers are artist Astra Rubene, textile artists Baiba Vaivade, Elīza Kristīne Kleine-Šablinska, Monta Beca and others. Children aged 7-13 participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition “raDOT” is on display throughout October from 10:00 to 21:00 on the 3rd floor of AKROPOLE Alfa. Entry is free.


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